The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Friday, 6 April 2012

It's Easter!

I've been such a dilatory blogger lately but I've been deep in a project which had a 2nd April deadline.  It  was collected without me taking a picture, but tomorrow I will visit it and hopefully rectify that and then I will tell you the whole story.

Until then may I delight you with some pictures -

This is an Eddie Ross table setting which I saw on Pinterest and saved for Easter.  Isn't it wonderful and you can see a video about it on his link?  It reminds me of a display I saw at Saks on Fifth Avenue last March.  Maybe he did that, or then maybe it was the style of the moment?

Continuing on the blue theme and just as lovely but so much simpler -

A new Emma Bridgewater eggcup with one of their chicks!  Did you know they have a garden at the factory at Stoke on Trent and they keep chickens?  Matthew (the boss) is a chicken expert along with all his other talents. That is why there are so many chicken designs on the pottery.

Then still on the bird theme -

This is a sculpture by Helen Ellis which I would love to have in my garden.  It would fit in so well as I have gravel just that colour.  I saw it on my new favourite blog Bumble at Home.  Do go and have a read!

Have a lovely weekend.  It's sunny but very cold here at the moment.  I do hope it warms up a bit as next Thursday I'm off to West Wales to teach at Jen's and am busy wrestling with diagrams and Electric Quilt.


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Pingere said...

Hello Mary,
Thanks so much for following my blog, it made my day to have a new follower!
Enjoy your Easter weekend,
Essie x