The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Friday, 22 June 2012

House appreciation in South Somerset

I spent last weekend in South Somerset staying with a friend in her delightful little house.  It is a beautiful area with pretty towns and villages built of the local Ham stone, so there was plenty of house admiration going on. Three of us, all mad about houses, cruising around the area looking for the perfect specimen in a suitable setting!

How about this one?

Tintinhull House

Perhaps a little ambitious - think of the upkeep!  Of course it does belong to the National Trust, however, it is one of their holiday lets, so just follow the link and it can be yours for the asking!

This is the garden -

The one above is the Pool Garden and ( I am kidding myself here) in some ways it reminds me of my own garden. Well it does have similarities - a long pool with iris and lilies set within a lawn - but really I am delusional!  The scale here is grand and the herbaceous border magnificent.  Well worth a visit, particularly at this time of year.

Here are a few more images of perhaps more modest proportions - we had a drink in the pub!

I love the colour of Ham stone.  It's a deeper gold than Cotswold and instead of stone roofs the houses have slate or tiles.  Lovely unspoilt area - not nearly as busy or as expensive as the Cotswolds.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jublilee EB

I know in the last post I said that there was to be no more Jubilee, but I can't resist showing you my EB Jubilee display which I have just posted on Facebook -

That's it now - no more Jubilee!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Let them eat cake.

I'm sure you are familiar with the now popular war time motto "Keep Calm and Carry On"?  I think the one most appropriate for the Jubilee should be "Keep Dry and Eat Cake" as this seemed to be the thing most of us were doing to keep going during the celebrations!  I know we did - we are still eating it, though some has gone in the freezer!

Here are just a few images to prove it -

This is now the end of any mention of the Jubilee as the bunting is now down and packed away - but what a wonderful time it was, despite the weather!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee Moments

I am rather late posting about the Jubilee and as I write, my bunting it blowing wildly in the wind.  The weather has been so bad since Monday when I had my garden party (mercifully on the only dry day ), I haven't been able to take it down as it been raining and blowing non stop. So I'm just showing a few images and commenting on the high and low aspects of the weekend.

It kicked off on Sunday with the Thames Pageant which it is said was inspired by this Canaletto painting -

but as you can see didn't look nearly as grand!  However it was a brave effort marred at the end by pouring rain and also the abysmal coverage by the BBC,  for which they have been heavily criticised.  I only wish I had known Sky were covering it, I would have switched.

The Queen and Duke, together with Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry were transported in a boat that closely resembled a floating Chinese Restaurant.  Whoever was responsible for approving the design should be sent straight to the Tower!  It was certainly not British design at its best!

The elaborate and rather garish thrones on this vessel were totally ignored by the Queen and Duke. How amazing is that?  She is 86 and he is 91 and they stood all the time!

Of course this meant that everyone else had to stand too and towards the end the new Duchess of Cambridge had the "beam me up Scottie" look!

It's not very often you see a bad picture of Kate.  She was probably thinking  - What have I got myself into?.

Monday was mercifully dry with some sunshine and I had friends and neighbours for cake and wine in my Garden Room. The pictures were taken before the guests arrive and before all the food was put out - I had no time to take pictures after that!


You will also notice that I have lots of empty shelves to fill - don't worry I have plenty of stuff, it's just that I haven't got round to it yet, even though it is a year since it was renovated! 

That evening we all watched the Pop Concert centred around the Victoria Memorial with the Palace as the background. I can't say it was my kind of music but I enjoyed seeing it nevertheless and the ending was spectacular with the Palace illuminated and a grand firework display.  Wales was well represented by our Shirl and our Tom, who were splendid as usual, but Renee Fleming and Alfie Boe were more to my taste.

On the last day we had the Thanksgiving Service in St. Paul's Cathedral followed by the carriage ride back to the Palace and the balcony appearance.  I loved the service, it was beautifully thought through with wonderful hymns, the last being Cwm Rhondda with the Choir singing a descant.  Everything truly fitting and fabulous.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Diamond Jubilee

Well 21 metres of bunting isn't enough, so I've just been out to buy more!  Needless to say the shops have sold out of Union Jack bunting, all that was left was red, white and blue, so that and a few balloons will have to do! 

As I sit here at my computer viewing the garden and my summer house where the celebrations are being held, the bunting that has been hung is blowing in the breeze and rain is forecast.  Keep your finger crossed that it is fine on Monday!  I will post some pictures when the scene is set!

Here are some to go on with, taken in London by EB collectors on Facebook.  Hope these convey some of the excitement as celebrations begin -

This is Covent Garden
and this is Regent Street

I am really looking forward to the Thames Pageant on Sunday, but rain is forecast.  Do hope it doesn't spoil the fun because it promises to be a great spectacle and the preparation has been huge.