The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Friday, 31 August 2012

The Colour of Heaven

I  read a while ago that scientists had decided that pale turquoise was the colour of heaven.  This cheered me enormously because it is a great favourite of mine and I have used it all over my house.  In fact when I come to choosing a new colour scheme, which I am doing at the moment, I am teased - is it to be the colour of heaven?  Well yes it is actually and here are a few already in place -

 These are of my living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and I haven't included my garden room or my new shower room which is one of the reasons I haven't posted for ages.  It was supposed to take two to three weeks but I think we are into the seventh week and the builder has gone on holiday!

The sting in this tale is that a few days later, those same scientists said that they had got it wrong and that BEIGE was actually the colour of heaven!  Ugh!


Jan said...

Your home is lovely - so many charming things to look at! My version of heaven isn't beige either!

regan said...

Your rooms are beautiful! I love to see samplers and plates on walls. Lovely! And the soft pale turquoise is perfect.....and heaven sent!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I share your love of pale turquoise. It's such a serene color. It was such a treat to get to see these enchanting scenes from your home! I especially loved the large cabinet in the first photo.

Shirley said...

I am sure the scientists will change their mind again soon and your lovely turquoise will be the in colour again. Looks perfect to me.

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Aah Mary, your home is always heaven to visit because it has you in it! I need to visit soon. V x

Radka said...

Lovely pictured from your house, Mary :-)