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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

I so admire Emma Bridgewater

You will probably have guessed by now that I am a great admirer of Emma Bridgewater pottery. I am a collector of sorts, though compared to those I meet in the EB Chat Room on Facebook, I am a relative newcomer and my collection is meagre in comparison, though I am working on it!

Well for those who are a bit mystified by this pottery passion, Emma Bridgewater is a real person.  She is in her early 50s and began her business 25 years ago, because she simply couldn't find a suitable birthday present for her mother.

Many people dream of starting a business, they might even identify a gap in the market as Emma did, but how many go on to turn it into a successful and thriving business?  A tremendous amount of hard graft and dedication is required to build such a business and I really admire what she has achieved.  May I add that as well as all this, she has fitted in getting married and having four children.  The woman is a marvel!

 It is said that the secret to a happy marriage is to be a good picker and Emma made a wise choice when she married Matthew Rice.

Receiving honorary degrees -Emma and Matthew were recognised by Keele University for their 'enormous contribution to the ceramic industry of North Staffordshire and the local community'.

He is a multi-talented designer, illustrator and author and lately he has taken over the running of the business.  Emma is now involved in promotion and publicity - she is taking a bit of a break from the day to day grind and responsibility of running a successful ceramics factory.

I can't resist showing you a picture of Linsey  who is one of the senior spongers at the factory.  She is responsible for sponging many of the "specials" that are so sought after by collectors. Here she is with some of the pieces she did for the factory Open Day in 2011.  Her initials LG or LL (before she married) on the base of a piece of pottery is much appreciated and can add value.  Look out for the jug second on the left, second shelve down - I have that one in my collection - a unique piece of EB!


Sue said...

I heard Emma talk at the Lit festival in Cheltenham last year. Very Inspiring.
So nice that her pieces give you so much pleasure.

annie said...

very inspiring to read!
thank you for sharing!

Radka said...

I don't know anybody who doesn't like Emmas's designs :-)

Nyla said...

Thanks, I enjoyed the information and photos in this post. I did not really know anything about EB.

StevenHWicker said...

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Micheal Alexander said...

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