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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Where is Bumble?

I promised my friend Jilly, so I am sending out a plea to all my Australian friends, can anyone tell me what has happened to Bumble?

Well who is he?  "Bumble at Home" was the name of one of our favourite blogs (it was on my blog list) which has now closed down.  I have worked out that the blog, which was written from the dog Bumble's point of view, was a device for selling the gorgeous house which he shared with his humans and fellow shihtzu?

The above pictures will give you a flavour of the delectable house and grounds, but it really doesn't do it justice.  It was the sort of place you would love being a guest in - the little house in the picture is the guest cottage not the main house - I don't seem to have a picture of that.  I believe it was in the Southern Highlands and the humans seemed to travel to Sydney quite frequently, visiting all kinds of interesting people.  They were also mega organised and had exemplary staff and connections.  It was truly a wonderful set up!

If anyone knows if it all ended happily, or anything at all about the outcome, please let me know! We are suffering Bumble deprivation over here!


Content in a Cottage said...

I found the real estate listing with many photos. I think it is still on the market. It's called Lynwood Farm and the price is $4,950,000.
Here is the link for the listing:

Content in a Cottage said...

You have to click on the picture to view the complete listing for Bumble's house.

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

Bumble's mother is a friend of mine! ... Bumble is a little girl btw! I will send a link to this post to her Mummy and perhaps she can fill you in! Jenny

Anonymous said...

hi from bumble, how nice to think that we have been missed. I stopped doing the blog because I could no longer talk about me me me and a bit more about me with bella.
thank you though to those that followed my was great fun .

Anonymous said...

Oh, .. sad ... didn't think you talked about me me me at all ... but rather about interesting homes and people!

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

It was a thrill to hear from you Bumble and I do apologise for thinking you were a boy! We don't mind at all just hearing about you, you, you and are really sad that we don't hear your news any longer. Hope you have a continued happy life with your lovely people in such a beautiful place!

Thank you too to Jenny and Content in a Cottage for their contributions>

Bev C said...

Hello Mary,

I wish I lived over the other side of Australia. It is a beautiful property.

Happy days.