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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Quilts

What makes a good Christmas quilt?  They have to be red and green don't they?  Well I'm not so sure, but they certainly need to make an impact - something like this one maybe?

It's called Amish with a Twist and was designed by Nancy Rink and you can get the pattern and details here.  I just love this quilt! You would necessarily want to look at it throughout the year, but to bring it out and display it for a few weeks, it's just magic?

When I first began quilting Quilters Newsletter Magazine was my bible and I eagerly awaited it's monthly delivery from the USA.  The Christmas edition was special and I was intrigued by the idea of having one special quilt to display over the festive season.  I resolved to make one!  Sadly I haven't got much to show, as I have only made little quilts which don't make the same impact!  However, now with the Internet I can cruise through hundreds and here's a few more I would like to share.

It's dated 1880 from Virginia and for sale  - here are the

Then what about this one -

It's in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum

I first saw this on the Pine Ridge Quilter blog a few years ago but it is still one of my favourites.  I love the Feathered Star block, but have never made one and this is one of the most beautiful I have seen, combined here with Redwork embroidery.  It's featured in Texas Quilt Museum My Stars! A Constellation of Star Quilts 1845-1993, curated by Sandra Sider, December 2013.

You can't go far wrong with a Star of Bethlehem quilt, this one was made in Kentucky circa 1840 and is in the Collection of Waveland State Shrine, Lexington, Kentucky.

Lastly this one with appliqued holly in heart shaped wreaths.  The green has faded somewhat but it is still a very pretty quilt -  more details

Hope you have enjoyed my choice and there are lots more on my Pinterest board.  Do go and have a look!  You will find the button on the top right hand side of this blog.

Since posting the above I have just found a not very good picture of a quilt I have always liked. I saw it in a "That Patchwork Place" catalogue and thought one day .....!  I would make some changes if I ever did make it because it is a little bit fussy for me, but I still like it!

I think it comes from "Country Threads Christmas" by Mary Tendall and Connie Tesene, but if anyone can confirm this and point me in the right direction, I should be most grateful.

Yet another add on!  Thanks to Susan's comment I have now ordered from Amazon - we have it on the UK one too!

You never know - I might actually make it!


Rose said...

Mary, these are fabulous! I love the first one - and the Star of Bethlehem. So many quilts, so little time.....Have a lovely Christmas.

susanhal said...

oh wow ! love these, all of them. I think i like the holly one the most , erm, maybe the star one above it ? imagine having made that, i think i would burst with pride.
i have made a christmas quilt which this has reminded me to bring out, but mine is simple squares in various reds, geeens and white. i did stick to my principles and make it by hand and i am fond of it but i would be ashamed to show it to any of the women who made those do you think they made those trees ? is it all applique ? so neatly clever !
thank you.

Robin said...

That first quilt just sparkles with Christmas spirit. I need to study the color scheme. Thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts.

audrey said...

All of those quilts are amazing. Love the one from the Folk Art Museum--those trees are just fabulous!

susanhal said...

that cat is wonderful ! it cracks me up . you just know it's taken ownership of that tree.
love this quilt, bet you could make a smashing version though.

susanhal said...

hello again, i found the last quilt in a book on amazon."quilted for christmas " by ursula reikes for sale second hand from the usa. you are right about the designers though.
hope this is some use to you.

Derrith said...

These quilts are fantastic. Thanks so much for showing them to us. What a treat!

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Thanks susanhal - I will follow it up!

Janet said...

Those were lovely!! I'm swooning over the trees in the border. I would LOVE to make something that fabulous... one day. :0)

susanhal said...

ooh, i hope you do make it ! would love to see how you set about the choice of fabric and adapting the pattern to your own style .
susan x

cornice board kits said...

These quilts are so lovely, they are great designs for this holiday season.Merry Christmas.

Free Christmas Cards Online said...

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