The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Monday, 6 May 2013

A wonderful May day

It's May Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and for once the weather is glorious!  Our Bank Holidays are notorious for bad weather, but after such a cold Spring we are due a bit of sunshine.  All the blossom and bulbs are out together and I can't resist showing you my garden and especially my tulips!

This is my view as I sit at my computer typing this - the shot is a bit blurry but it is taken through glass - followed by my containers of tulips in front and back gardens -

I followed Sarah Raven's method of planting the containers - Tulip Lasagna!  It sort of works, as when tulips are planted in layers they do keep coming up and filling in!  However, I didn't buy any of Sarah's wonderfully chosen mixes, I wasn't that organised,  I bought packets of reduced ones in Homebase!

I also can't resist showing you the other view from my seat at the computer - Wilfred reclining on a pile of fabric of course!  As you can see I have been having a bit of a rummage!

Enjoy May, it's the best month of the year for gardens and we have the Chelsea Flower Show in a couple of weeks - yippee!


antique quilter said...

beautiful tulips my favorite flowers.
I love seeing pictures of peoples gardens...thanks for sharing.
Happy May to you too!

Sue said...

Happy May day Mary,
I am enjoying beautiful NT gardens in Cornwall.
Your tulips are way ahead of mine, perhaps mine will be out when I get back home.
Your garden looks delightful.

audrey said...

Your tulip container is gorgeous! Lovely view from your window by the computer.:)

Every Stitch said...

The tulips are stunning! I keep meaning to try that layering- will have to get in some hasty planting for our spring :)

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Now I see what you mean about the tulip lasagne. It's fab-u-lous . . V x