The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Monday, 13 October 2014

New Project

Sorry about the teaser the other week!  It is so easy to press a wrong button on Blogger and I didn't realise I had until I got comments!

I got bored trying to finish things and decided that as I enjoyed working the Cottage Orné quilt so much, I would do another in the same vein.  I think this one will work out a bit smaller, only about 40 blocks and I am using a stronger colour palette.

All the blocks are taken from Georgian quilts.  Many are the same as in the Cottage Orné, which was based on the Sundial Coverlet, but there are different ones too, some I have come across since and wanted to try out!

I am using mostly Liberty Lawn fabrics because some of the pieces are so small that the fabric has to be quite thin but strong and these fabrics are certainly that.  I never ceased to be amazed at the sheer variety of patterns produced by Liberty.  You only have to look on eBay to get a inkling but the range is even bigger than appears there.  I have been collecting them for decades, so quite a lot of what I am using is vintage, but I am still buying bits on line.  I like to find the quirky stuff, because it can be cut into and makes interesting effects within a block.

Apart from the house at the centre, all the blocks measure 12 centimetres, because Georgian patchwork blocks  were small and this seems a good compromise size.   It is also easily divided by two, three and four which helps when drafting the patterns.

I am using my usual method of selection, getting a wide collection of fabrics together that seem to mix well.  Then I don't have to worry too much when choosing for individual blocks as I know that they will blend together whatever I choose!

I have done 20 blocks so far, so quite a way to go!



NADINE said...

This is such a gorgeous quilt . I'm crossing my fingers that you Will Publish à pattern, some day. IT really deserves it...
Keep going, dear, it's beautiful.


Every Stitch said...

Great colours and great fabric - how wonderful!

Carolien said...

It looks wonderful! Love that house so much ...

Dutch greetings, Carolien

lynda said...

Absolutely beautiful! Would love to see it in person!

Susan Briscoe said...

Lovely! Do you usually work metric though? I thought you were an imperial measurement fan.

Mary Jenkins said...

I use both metric and imperial Susan! I design first and then choose between them, depending on the size I want the finished quilt to be.

susanhal said...

mm mmm ! lovely rich looking colours, the same but so different from the delicious cottage orne . the blocks are so pretty and i do like the georgian house for the centre medallion.
which part of making the quilt do you like best... and least ? and can you put up with "mistakes" or imperfections ? or does it nag at you until you pull out the offender and do it again. not that you would have to do that very often { sighing heavily there} !!!

Mary Jenkins said...

If I see a mistake I do try to correct it because it does nag Susan! However, that doesn't mean that some do slip through! I love everything about patchwork and quilting except the frustration of trying to find lost pieces of fabric or even a pattern that has gone astray. I seem to spent far too much time doing that!