The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 12 March 2011

My version of a favourite quilt

OK - here we go!  This is my much smaller version of Jen's wonderful spotty quilt featured in my second last post. It may seem now that I was being rather coy by referring to it but not showing it, but I really didn't mean to be!

Because this quilt is so much smaller (33inches square) I didn't try to adapt the quilting patterns of the original but to do my own design. This is a closeup of the central area -

Quilts come together in different ways and this was an easy one. It just flew together, mainly I think, because it is quite an organised design.

I didn't have any suitable spotty fabrics so I used a geometrically printed rose Laura Ashley dress fabric as the focus fabric.  The majority of the other fabrics came to me from a friend who was getting rid of her stash.  I chose a selection and used them in this quilt.  My friend was thrilled to recognise some left over from her dressmaking projects!


Sue said...

Lovely quilting Mary. Nice friend giving her stash away also nice she can see it has been re-cycled.

Shirley said...

The colours in your quilt are just up my street Mary and I love the purple backing.

regan said...

This little quilt is beautiful! I love the soft green against the grey and's a lovely combination. I will definitely be using that color combination in a future quilt. The quilting is wonderfully it!

Robin said...

Such a soft sweet quilt. I really like the color combination and the quilting is fantastic.