The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Preparing for New York

These are very exciting times for me.  I have building work going on at the bottom of my garden - the renovation of a rather decrepid building into, hopefully, a new garden room.  Sod's law prevails and my much longed for visit to New York is happening just at a point when I should be here making sure paint colours and electric fittings etc., are correct. 

My cats hate all the activity.  Wilfred, who loves the outdoors, has taken to hiding in the house and is off his food.  Bella is a house cat and is usually above worrying about such things, but she knows I'm up to something!  Of course they are thoroughly spoiled and I don't like leaving them, but my friend Jilly will be here while I am away and I know they will be in good hands.

The Red and White Quilt Exhibition will of course be the high spot of our visit.  I shall be carrying the above Emma Bridgewater Union Jack tote, suitably dotted with American Stars.  If you see me there please tap me on the shoulder!


Sue said...

Glad you are carrying the flag and will certainly give you that all important tap.Hope to see you there.
Bon Journey.

Maureen said...

I get those same feelings when leaving on a trip. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable one. Can't wait to hear about it!

Linda C said...

Hi Mary,
l will be in New York for the whole week the exhibit is on. When do you arrive? l certainly want to be looking out for that bag!!!!

Jan said...

I am going to be on the lookout for that bag! Hope you love the exhibits.

Margaret said...

I don't know if I'll make the exhibit or not. If I do, I'll look for you! (I love your blog btw. Been reading it for a while now.)

regan said...

I will be looking out for that tote! I wish I knew what my other favorite bloggers looked like, or might be carrying....would love to meet all these very special quilters who have given me so much inspiration! Of course, there are going to be 1,000's of quilt-crazy gals there, so I think I'll be lucky to just see the quilts!

I'm so excited, I could just burst!

Eve said...

The garden room sounds exciting, tell us more?

Could I ask you a question which is faintly blasphemous in terms of proper Welsh quilting? I'm planning to do a wholecloth baby quilt, with (probably) turquoise on the front and a lovely, if unorthodox, flannel with a design of owls in cream/marigold yellow/orange/pink for the back. While I'm avoiding the Quilt Police, I was planning to use perle #8 thread with correspondingly larger stitches, as I'd like to have the stitching fully visible. I was thinking of using cream and marigold threads for the quilting, and then sewing the baby's name (in two different alphabets) in hot pink, and probably using the flannel backing as self-binding and bringing it around to the front. Yes, I know, this is departing quite a long way from Welsh wholecloth quilting, but I think that as long as it looks good and I don't mistake "inspired by" for total authenticity, it should make a nice little baby quilt and be an interesting experiment besides. Anyway, I'm staring at wholecloth quilts, trying to work out what they'd be like if I used two colours for the stitching. Right now I'm thinking of cream for any sets of double lines, and marigold for filling in the rest of the patterns, using as a sample wholecloth quilt to stare at. Any thoughts on this two-colour business and how I could carry it off? Has it ever been done? The post with photos and much debating of colours is at if you're curious.

antique quilter said...

yes I will be looking out for that bag!