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Friday, 29 April 2011

After the Wedding - mostly about headgear and a cake!

Well it's over!  After all the hype about who made the dress and what it would be like, I was surprised how seemingly modest it was.

A beautiful gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen (as rumoured) in a simple, elegant style which belied all the intricate and expensive work that had gone into it's making.  Who would have thought of lace?  Certainly not me.  All I got right was that it had a V neck.  No pearls or crystals, not a bit of bling anywhere.

I was wrong again with the choice of tiara, though I was not alone in this, as this one was not even in the running with the bookies.  However, as armchair critics, Dorothy and I weren't entirely happy with the choice and we thought that more height was needed. The veil seemed rather flat and looked too like the curtain from the dressing up box! 

Moving on to guests' headgear, lots of lovely stuff but some awful ones too, the Queen's being one of them.  This was one of the worst, worn by Princess Beatrice, who is certainly her mother's daughter in that she is prone to fashion howlers -

But here are three girls who got it right -

Of course it helps if you are blond and beautiful and Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty Spencer, Prince William's cousins who would have been Diana's nieces.  Aren't they stunners?

Let's finish with one of the cakes -

This is for all of you who love McVities Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits.  Prince William's favourite apparently and made especially for him!


Sue said...

It certainly been a wonderful day- I thought the dress was stunning. They look so happy and at ease with each other. Princess Beatrice and Eugene- never seem to get it right- I wonder who it is that tell's them they look OK.

Teri said...

I enjoyed watching this so much. I thought Catherine was absolutely stunning. I think that I liked everything because it was just classic and not over the top. No frills, no sparkles, just lots of flowing silk.
And I agree, the Princesses need someone to tell it to them straight. That hat was too outrageous, and the dress on the other was too bright, too tight, and the bows going down the front were too much. I'd hate to think how much those things cost.
I think that the best part of the day is that I really could see the connection between William and Catherine. He looked so much like his mother when he would kind of look up and to the side, like a shy glance. I'm glad he married who he loved and someone who was his friend first. I think it will last.

Jacky and Steph said...

I really enjoyed watching everything too. Catherine's dress was absolutely right. Very elegant, timeless, and understated. One or two fun and quirky touches like the Aston Martin driven by William - it did have a more 'down to earth' feel!