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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Visiting East Anglia

I have just returned from a week in Suffolk, occasionally straying into Essex and Norfolk.

We rented a former coach house, which was wonderfully comfortable and well equipped, right in the centre of  Lavenham, a very beautiful and historic village full of  medieval buildings.

This house was just opposite our temporary home -

Doesn't it look like a fairytale house? Not a straight line to be seen!

Unlike the rest of the UK we had fine weather with no rain during the day, just at night.  Perfect for us and the gardens! Our biggest problem was dodging the Olympic Torch and all the traffic chaos surrounding its progress, but we managed!

Here are images of just some of the lovely houses and gardens we visited -

This is the view of the village of Kersey taken from the gate of the Church which is set on a hill overlooking the valley.   Sorry we visited on bin day, they and the cars do spoil the picture!
The River House, one of the grandest houses in Kersey, built in 1490 and set beside the ford which divides the main street.  There's no avoiding it!

The main door of River House can't be used much?
This is Otley Hall, a wonderful moated medieval house with some views of its garden -

My very favourite garden at Paycocks, a National Trust property in Coggershall, Essex.  This garden was designed and is maintained entirely by volunteers who spend one day a week tending it.  I loved it!

I have more - watch this space!


Diane-crewe said... come you managed to have no rain!! I am sick of being stuck under what the weather man insists on calling a swirling rain cloud!! Mind you I dont live in poor old Yorkshire so better not complain too much! will watch out for more glourious pictures xx

Pippa Moss - Welsh Quilts said...

Yes,Suffolk is a nice place to live - but my house doesn't look as grand as these - mind you, not sure that I would want the upkeep! Room for a "quilt museum" though....Pippa

amanda white said...

Looking forward to more. Nice little excursion while sitting here sipping my tea!
Thank you.

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Just had a catch-up of your blog. A delight as usual. I do love that garden at Paycocks too. Thanks you. And Tintinhull takes me back. I visited an author who lived there and can't remember his name. He lived there because his wife was a famous gardener who looked after the garden. Who would it be??? V x

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Penelope Hobhouse used to live in Tintinhull Vivienne!