The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Tale of Three Teapots!

My love affair with Emma Bridgewater pottery has had a bit of a blip!  There was a special offer on a few weeks ago and I decided to order a teapot which I had been admiring for a while. The weather was cold and gloomy at the time and I had this fantasy of summer!   Though even in summer the weather is rarely just right for tea outside here in Wales, it's either too hot, too wet or too windy!

This is the sample used in the advertisement -

I was extremely disappointed when this turned up -

I didn't like the placement of the lettering and the decorator had been rather mean with the flowers. I deliberated about what to do!  These are personalised pieces and they don't usually replace them unless there is a flaw in the glaze that the inspection process has missed.  Eventually I decided to write to them and explain my disappointment and ask for a replacement. At first my request was refused but I persisted and this is the result -

Much better!  EB and I are friends again!  Lots of flowers and the placement of the lettering like the sample.  Now all we need is for it to warm up a bit and it will see some action!

This has nothing to do with teapots but a tag on!  I am looking for some vintage Laura Ashley border fabric to use on my Cottage Orne quilt.  I have sent out a plea on my other blog but thought it might help to put it here too.  If anyone has and can sell me some of this -

It was sold in a roll and I need 10 yards - I have tracked down about half at the moment.  Please leave a comment or message me on Facebook if you can help?  I would be so grateful!


Radka said...

Sorry, can't help with the fabric, but well done with the tea pot!

annie said...

love your choice on the tea pot, persistence paid off! good for you!
no ideas on the fabric, unless ebay might have it. or some supply house of discontinued fabric??? blessings on the search.