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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pinning - a battlefield?

There is quite a battle going on between pinners and those who don't know anything about Pinterest or who have decided not to participate.

As I may have mentioned I am in a closed EB group on Facebook and a discussion took place recently that got so out of hand that the administrators had to step in and close the discussion.  Quite a few people got terribly upset and a few threatened to leave the group!

All this came about because some members of the group weren't aware of Pinterest and thought that their pictures of china, dressers, animals and children clutching special pieces of pottery were private because the group was a closed one.

You actually can't pin straight from Facebook, they have put in technical barriers to prevent you doing it, but of course it is quite easy to get around, you simply save the picture to yourself and then upload it. This is certainly being done and is quite unethical.  However it is very difficult to police and equally difficult to trace the culprit.  So the only option is to be very aware and if you don't want your pictures copied don't put them on the internet, even in places that you think are semi private.

Wilfred and the Rocking Horse - good title for a book don't you think? Now if I could only think of a story!

Because I am a pinner and enjoy the process I am more than willing to share my pictures.  In fact I am flattered than anyone wants to save them, but it also puts me in a position of defending Pinterest and my support of it!   It seems to me that many who don't pin take rather a self-righteous attitude and say that it is a waste of time and they have better things to do etc.  This annoys me.  We all have things we enjoy and make time to do.  There are lots of things I read about on blogs that my fellow bloggers do that I think are a waste of time but that is their choice.

I like to pin and I make time for it, usually at about 5.30am. when I wake.  Instead of just lying in bed listening to the radio waiting for the house to warm up so that I can leap into action, I pin!  So no time is wasted in my book and I hope some of you enjoy my boards?  I know I enjoy collecting the images and browsing through them and those of my fellow pinners!

Feel free to pin anything on this blog - blogging is all about sharing. Why else are we doing it?


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I love Pinterest too and try to abide by the request of people on the blogs - if they don't want it pinned, I won't. People who say they don't have time for that will spend hours in front of the tv doing nothing - which I don't get. But it's their choice. Like it's my choice to blog, pin, etc.

Robin said...

I'm not a member of pinterest but have enjoyed the things that you have pinned. I think we all find ways to use up our time one way or the other whether is productive or just fun.

serendipity said...

I love Pinterest too, but it's easy to spend too much time pinning and not enough "doing"! I think if you put any image on the web you have to assume it might be used in all sorts of ways. As long as someone is not claiming it as their own then that's ok by me!

Shirley said...

Pin away Mary. I enjoy seeing what you pin, particularly the Stoke on Trent aspect. It annoys me too when people say they haven't the time. It can be done anywhere, anytime and with very little time. I am addicted and don't care.

Mary said...

I am new to pinning and enjoy it. I used to print pictures of things I saw online that inspired me and now I am saving lots of paper and ink, plus the time I spent looking for the one picture I wanted at a particular moment.

audrey said...

I love Pinterest! I usually pin just before going to bed, late at night when the house is quiet. People can easily put a name on their pictures if they want to make sure it always links back to them properly. And you're so right about quilting being about sharing. I can't understand the ones who want to hold all their creativity in close. Oh well. I try to respect the ones that specifically request NO PINNING.:)

amanda white said...

I love my boards - I use them as an inspirational ragbag. Off to find yours, Mary ....

Leo said...

Well if someone really wants to stop so from pinning they can add a bit of code to their page to prevent it. And for the rest - if you have fun doing it do it.
those agains pinning and arguing it's a waste of time - well it's none of their buisness in which ways you waste your personal time.
I perosnally don't pin - but then I don't have a facebook acount either and I actually "waste" time writing page long letters - I need at least 2 hours for one of those an e-mail would probably only need 15 minutes.

Lastely I can't believe that there are still people out there that actually think they can retain any sort of control of anything they upload to the WWW - that's not the idea behind the www if you want it safe and keep control snail mail it or use the phone.

Have a lovely morning pinning!