The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

What's your dream?

Do you all watch "Escape to the Country"?  The popularity of this TV show seems to confirm that we all long for a dream home in the country.  Perhaps a cottage where we can indulge our country fantasy, something like this one - 

It was for sale recently.  It's a thatched Grade II listed farmhouse in Devon, believed to date back to medieval times and when I saw it my heart melted. I love Devon where I spent happy childhood years and this lovely house certainly has the dream ingredients - even two cats!

There is just one drawback!  Though in theory I love the country, I know that I am really a city girl. Though country life seems appealing, I know that I have to be near where it happens, even though I rarely participate in the happenings.  So maybe this little Georgian cottage in London is more me?

The city gives me a buzz and even better, if I wish, I could live in it for a little while!  Here is the link - go and explore!

Are you a city or country person?


Robin said...

I long for the open spaces and the lack of traffic but I still want shopping close by so I guess I belong to the city.

Shirley said...

I live on the edge of a town where I can easily walk if I want to shop and the countryside is A short ride away in the car. The best of both worlds I think but love the idea of the country cottage. Love it when the gorgeous Alistair is presenting Escape to the Country.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Yes Shirley, Alistair is lovely and I like his slightly patronising air when dealing with the seekers after country life! He knows it's all a con really but it's a job for him, but he doesn't overdo it!

Jane in Cumbria said...

I could be totally happy living in that cottage in Devon, although I am totally happy living in our cottage in Wales, among the sheep and cows.

Pat said...

Your cottage image caught my winter-weary eye. What a lush setting!
After growing up in Washington DC and then living in large metropolitan areas, our move to the country 17 years ago took some adjustment but we have never regretted it. The peace and sounds of nature by our pond are reward enough. But farming neighbors "down the road" were an unexpected blessing. They are the best. I could never return to being a "city girl"

Sigrun said...

I could live in the cottage in Devon, but my husband get no work there!
Wonderful photographs.


QuiltGranma said...

I'm a country girl myself, usually one mile out of town is my favorite. And it has to be a small town I'm just out of. I don't care for crowds.