The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 18 May 2013

EB Shelves

Well thank you all for a lovely lot of comments - such a treat to have them and read them and I am so glad you enjoyed seeing the dresser.

I seem to have more reaction to dressers than most things, so while we are on a roll and continuing on views from my computer, if I swing my chair around this is the view -

When I had a new floor in my workroom just before Christmas it was a big upheaval and the room had to be stripped out.  It lasted weeks, as it rained constantly and the floor took ages to dry.  When at last it was time to put everything back, I decided to have a cull of books and put some of my pots out.  This is the result!

These picture were taken a couple of weeks ago so are a little out of date as I keep adding and moving things.  There also is a top shelf but I couldn't get that in.

An ever changing collection of my favourite bits and bobs! 


Anonymous said...

Love love love your blog.It seems we have a lot in common.I'm a quilter for more then 30 years, a cat lover ( and breeder of Maine Coons) and a big Bridgewater collector. Your blog is absolutely Wonderful.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Thank you Nicky. I know you of course from the EB Chat Room. Glad you approve of the blog!

audrey said...

Wonderful collection. I bet this makes you happy to just walk into the room.:)

Anja said...

Lovely dresser with gorgeous pottery as always from you, Mary! So nice to see a mix of all kind of patterns and shapes together. We will be travelling to Ireland next week and I hope to visit Stoke this year on the way wishes, Anja x

Lilith said...

What a wonderful collection you have! I wish to have such a dresser for my room, but no chance.
Thanks for sharing.


Berna said...

Beautifull the pottery of Emma Bridgewater, isn't it? You have a wonderfull blog too.

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Millie en Miles said...

I really really really love you re blog !!! I put it on my favorite list hope you don't mind!! What a wonderful collection of pottery what a beautiful dresser and all the books besides love it !!!

Anonymous said...

Dishes!!! Oh, I know, there have a much more glorious name, but I love dishes.... these are just grand... I have reconnected with my Fiestaware dishes....they never went anywhere I just "saw" them again recently so have been "adjusting" some of the shelves. I see in the comments they are certain potter that many recognize. Thanks for the peak. Such fun.