The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Monday, 8 July 2013

Cottages and Gardens

Last week I spent a few days in the Cotswolds staying in a cottage complex.  I usually avoid this type of cottage for many reasons but this one looked enticing!

It had originally been the stable block of a large country house now converted into 12 holiday cottages set around a central Croquet Lawn, the whole area surrounded by beautiful gardens.  I was particularly taken with the planting outside each cottage, someone very knowledgeable had planned this!

I came home totally inspired with a car full of plants only to find my own garden brimming over.  Not sure where I am going to put them all?

Gardens are absolutely overwhelmed with roses at the moment, even in my garden they are spectacular, both apple trees covered in Rambling Rector and Paul's Himalayan Musk - the scent is wonderful! Sadly I noticed dropping petals this morning, so we must enjoy them while we can!

I have lots more pictures of the other glorious and famous gardens we visited - maybe next time?


audrey said...

Beautiful gardens for sure. Very nice for a relaxing weekend!

beth said...

We spent two delightful weeks in one of these cottages. They are as lovely and comfortable inside as they are beautiful outside. Such a treat.

Phyllis said...

Oh yes please!!! Would love to see more of this! I would love to stay in a place like this sometime, live in The Netherlands and would love to see more of your country, especially this way!

Rustic Pumpkin said...

What a charming place! You are so lucky. I have taken much inspiration myself from some of this planting, so thank you for sharing it. I know it is cheeky to ask, but you don't happen to know the name of the deep bluey/purpley spikey plant up against the stone wall in photo five from the top? I have that in my garden, very pretty, but oddly very smelly too.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

To Celtic Heart - I think the one you mean is called Toadflax. It's a herb that grows like a weed. It comes and goes in my garden and I love it, but I haven't noticed its smell. They had some pink as well around the cottages which was equally pretty.

Rustic Pumpkin said...

Thank you for getting back so quickly! Yes, I once had the pink too. It is very different from the wall creeping toadflax that is everywhere, but from your prompt I Googled and it is a variety of toadflax. It only smells (unpleasantly) if you pull it up, roots and all. Thank you.

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

I couldnt sleep tonight so decided to catch up on your blog in the middle of the night. What a treat! the gardens, roses, mochaware and a new LA quilt! V xx