The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Friday, 22 November 2013

Is this the end of the beginning?

Today I'm going to take an unusual step of posting about the same thing on two of my blogs!

Some of you may be following my Cottage Orne blog, which is about me making a tribute to the Sundial Coverlet in the V&A.  The blog began in September 2011 and if you want to read the full story click on this link or the header picture.

Well have I finished it?  Actually I am undecided?

I finished attaching the border by hand several weeks ago and have been waiting for a suitable day to photograph it outside ever since.  We have had such mixed weather, but today it is sunny though a bit blowy, but it isn't too bad a picture.

I feel that it should have have another border but I don't want it to get too big because I have to quilt it and though I have auditioned many fabrics I really can't find anything suitable.  So I am sticking to the old adage  - When in doubt, do nowt!

Any advice would be welcome as I have never been so uncertain about a finish.  Perhaps it is because this story has been a special one for me and has stretched my piecing and drafting abilities to the limit.



this is so beautifull, my compliments.

serendipity said...

What an achievement! It's absolutely stunning. The colour scheme is lovely and I think the striped fabric gives it a real lift. Not sure about another border. When you add the binding it will probably be enough. Debbie.

audrey said...

What a fabulous quilt! Love the stripe fabric, all the beautiful applique work and of course, that gorgeous border. Wonderful quilt.:)

Beverley said...

How about a dark binding which gives the impression of another border? Beautiful quilt. Well done.

susanhal said...

I love this, love it ! so glad to see it again too. The colours are wonderful and it's all so beautifully balanced.It's easy to tell that years of learning and skill have gone into it and I do wish I could see it in the flesh !
I think that if you feel it needs another border you know best and something will turn up ! Wait a bit longer !!!
I am on to the quilting of my first medallion now and am on the whole pleased with it, at least, I feel it's been a good way to learn and my next will be a lot better and neater and i will learn more still.

Nancy said...

Wow, it's a gorgeous quilt. I love your use of the striped fabric. It must have taken a very long time to make this quilt!

I wonder if a border using the fabric in your baskets might put the finishing touch on it. (But I'm not a very experienced quilter.)

Every Stitch said...

Absolutely gorgeous just as it is! Congratulations - can't wait to see it quilted too!

Lynn S said...

I've been watching the progress of your stunning quilt and it is really beautiful! I don't think it needs any more borders--especially with the history of the one you just placed on it. Your Liberty of London fabrics collection are so wonderful! I do hope you decide to print this pattern!

Lou - Max and Louise Pattern Co said...

It looks finished. It certainly isn't screaming for anything more. Leave it hanging in the house so that you walk past it constantly. If it still feels like it needs more to you then, then add something..... but in all honestly, it really looks wonderful and finished!

Susan Briscoe said...

I think it looks finished too. It really doesn't need anything now except quilting. Beautiful!