The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Preparing for May!

Now that things are almost back to normal after the festivities and the decorations are down at last, my thoughts have turned to the two days I will be teaching at the Jen Jones Quilt Centre in Lampeter.  I like to have time to think myself into the zone and prepare lots of samples!

This year we will be tackling Broderie Perse or Chintz Applique and I don't know if it is because I'm tuned in to it, but there does seem to be quite a bit of it being done at the moment.  I have noticed that Australian quilters in particular are producing wonderful quilts incorporating this technique.

Here are shots of some work in progress -

The above two pictures are of a centre of a medium sized quilt which is waiting to have it's final border attached.  Then it has to go into the quilting queue.  You will notice that I am still in the process of attaching the basket.  As it is black on black it is hard going!

The three images below are for a central panel and I'm not quite sure where this is going to go yet?  As you can see it is work in progress but the fabrics are lighter so it's much easier to sew!

Below are two long fragments of Toile with just one lovely elephant!  I chose one of my favourite tickings and photocopied the fabric and cut it up!

This might be the finished piece?  I'm still deliberating!

Here is another piece of Toile which one of my friends gave me!  Again I photocopied it - that's why it looks lighter -

This is the paper mock-up, I haven't yet taken a picture of the fabric version but at the moment I am attaching it.  Again it is slow work as it is dark and quite heavy going!

Here is a finished piece incorporated into one of my early quilts -

I really enjoy this technique, whereas I don't enjoy doing needle turn or other applique.  It's like being a child again, cutting up bits and making a picture.  I also love attaching the pieces with herringbone stitch, which was how it was done in olden days.  My friend said the other day - it's old fashioned zig zag!  Which of course you can do, but you know me!

I will be teaching this at Jen's Quilt Centre on 16th May, 2014 - here is the link if you are interested -


Robin said...

What a great variety of Broderie Perse. I usually just see the panels that were made especially for that use. It's nice to see some more inventive ways to do this. Your work is lovely.

Every Stitch said...

As usual - a wonderfully inspiring post! Just love the quilt in the first photo - the colours used are magic!I'd love the see the whole quilt sometime.

susanhal said...

oh , i do love all of these ! how i wish i was in a position to have a lesson with you . in fact i could do with a day on your fabric choices alone, where do you find such stuff, with elephants and those cats, i love the cats. the house centre panel is wonderful, it looks lively and exciting and i would love to get into a bed covered in that quilt, i wouldn't want to put the light out !
my first medallion quilt is now on my bed as i have selfishly kept it for my own and i am well on with my next one which will hopefully have fewer mistakes and imperfect points... i think i will start looking for fabric i can applique

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Ticks all my boxes Mary. Made my Friday morning! Delights, delights! Vivienne, vivebooks x

Nyla said...

These are all just lovely! I haven't seen it done with the herringbone stitch, did not know about that. Does it take a lot longer that way? I have only done broderie perse with the blanket stitch. I enlarged the photo to see your stitches, so nice! Very inspirational post. Wish I could take your class!

Lynne said...

Love this Mary, and yes, I too have blogged -with photos, by permission (!!) the Australian girls doing such fab work with broderie perse. And I love what you are doing here. I live in West Norfolk but we were in Wales last year and I visited Jen's collection in Lampeter - it was a really lovely morning out, wish I was closer I would love to do your workshop!

maggie said...

This is awesome. Are you speaking across the pond...the Atlantic...this year?