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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Emma's written a book!

There's great excitement and anticipation on the EB front at the moment as Emma's written a book!

All we know about it is what you see in the above picture of the cover - it is due to be published on 14th March.

The publishing publicity machine has swung into action and Emma is due to appear at various book festivals around the country, but first there is to be a special launch day for Collectors at the factory in Stoke.

When I heard about this my heart sank then skipped a beat.  I knew that trouble lay ahead as there were only 40 tickets available with successful applicants able to order  two.  The instructions for ordering were a bit confusing with conflicting information on the Members' page as to when and how to order.  On the day, due to the high demand, the computer crashed and there were a great number of disappointed fans!  This is putting it mildly, complaints flooded in and Customer Services were inundated with very annoyed pottery people!  So much so that they did issue 10 more tickets to randomly selected applicants! 

I have never participated in anything like this and had absolutely no interest or intention of going to the event. Stoke is quite a long way from where I live and I have met Emma and Matthew before at the Hay Book Festival, so I enjoyed watching the consequent pleas of unfairness and begging for tickets!  Not really very nice to enjoy this, but hey I'm human!

Well let's get to the point of this post, without telling me, my friend Sharon managed to secure two tickets and has invited me to go with her!   Other Welsh EB friends nearby have managed to get tickets too, so there will be quite a Welsh presence in Stoke on the 18th March!  Oh I'm so looking forward to it as it will be a chance to put names to faces and talk pots to our hearts content and hopefully buy some and of course meet Emma!


Phyllis said...

That sounds wonderful!I had no idea Emma was writing a book, look forward to reading seeing all about the launch on your blog!

Quiltefia said...

Hi!! Lucky you!! I love my EB baby mugs!! I think I have 14. Use them all the time. Anne:-)

susanhal said...

very jammy indeed ! and not long to wait for your treat. have fun with your pals.

Rita said...

Ha, I'm catching with your bog Mary and have only just seen this! Didn't we have a lovely time? A long day of travelling but worth it. Sharon x