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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Visiting Ledbury

Ledbury is a lovely market town just over the Welsh Border in Herefordshire and one of my  favourite places. It has the most perfect "local", "The Feathers" where I have spent many happy times and the shops there are varied and delightful.  So as we have been cooped up in our homes for two weeks because of warnings that it was too dangerous to venture far on our icy roads, we were ready for a bit of retail therapy in the shops of Ledbury.

It is wonderful to find a high street where you can buy all those things that are a chore to find elsewhere - for instance an ironmongers where you can buy fuses!  But for me the real star in the Ledbury firmament is Tinsmiths. Do go and have a browse - here is the link

Whenever I need upholstery fabric that is where I head, because the owner stocks an array of all the fabrics I like and she also has an occasional old quilt.  This time last year I bought a patchwork coverlet that obviously had never been used as some of its fabrics still have their glaze.  If  you click the picture and zoom in you experts out there will sure be able to date them and I would love to know what you think?

This visit was crucial because I'm looking for a fabric to re-cover a little Chesterfield which I have cherished for many years but since it was moved into the living room the cats have thoroughly trashed.  I love my cats dearly but what they have done is hard to forgive so finding something special to rehabilitate it, Tinsmith was the place to go.  I will tell you more again!


Sue said...

Mary, Not that I could give an exact date they look to be before 1900. I am probably totally wrong but what a find. I shall check Tinsmiths out thanks for the link.

Dreams can come true! said...

Ok, I maybe way off, but most look like Waverly Fabrics, chintz, from the 1980's. Especially the ,what appears to be green and white squiggles, the blue and white stripe, as is the pink & white, is from "Nattukkett Wallpaper book"
I will check out their website and get back to you.