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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The floor at St. Paul's Cathedral.

I have just been watching the funeral of Margaret Thatcher on BBC1 and again marvelled at the beauty of St. Paul's - why haven't I been there? I used to go to London regularly but never spared the time to visit this wonderful building!  More fool me, but watching a television service there is the next best thing!

Of course even on a solemn occasion I am always looking for a patchwork opportunity and here it is -

The first image looks computer generated and displays almost the whole wonder of the floor, but doesn't include (crucial for patchworkers) the centre with its diamond surround.   The second one taken from the dome, is how it really is, cluttered by necessary seats full of people, but you can just make out the central diamond border!

Mrs. Thatcher, as most of us still think of her, is a controversial figure here in the UK and many people were against the spending of 10 million pounds on her funeral.  However and whatever we think, it was magnificent and I for one enjoy every opportunity of seeing a big service in St. Paul's, be it a funeral, wedding or thanksgiving service.  The architecture, music and ritual is of the highest order and as I get older I seem to appreciate it more.

Margaret Hilda Thatcher went out in style, she died in the Ritz and had her funeral in St. Paul's.  Very fitting for our first woman Prime Minister - good on her!


Sue said...

Hear, hear.

pizzaeater said...

I agree. A strong woman deserves a fantastic funeral.

samplerlover said...

Totally agree with your thoughts about Mrs Thatcher. She was a lady who would stand by her convictions etc. I watched her funeral last night down under and thought that she would be pleased with it all. I have been to St Pauls a couple of times and it such an amazing special place. I was also in England when the Falkland War was on.

Sue Wild said...

That is a fabulous floor, saw that on the lunchtime news yesterday and was struck by how wonderful it was. Whatever one's thoughts are of her, she was a strong character who made her mark, unlike the politicians of today.

Phyllis said...

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture on a news website: "I see a quilt!" No controversy there!

Anonymous said...

Yes - quilters do have a tendency to see pattern in everything, and I am no exception. It was quite a service. I am new to your site and am enjoying it quite a bit. Take care, Byrd