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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Well it's official I am addicted to the iPad! This was brought home to me a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly lost my WiFi  and TV cable connection.  I didn't worry about the latter, as TV is rubbish at the moment and I can easily do without that, but my iPad is quite another matter.  Fortunately the situation didn't last long but it was painful while it lasted.

I was discussing this with my hygenist the other day and she agreed and said that her iPad was like her other right arm and I had to agree with her!

This is a dreadful situation!  How can we all have got like this so suddenly.  When I first had my iPad I wasn't that impressed with it and wondered what all the fuss was about, now I suffer iPad deprivation if something happens and I'm parted from it.  This is not a good situation! 

Here's another associated addiction Pinning!

The above should be my new resolution because I am not making things!  Neither am I reading books or newspapers, unless they on my iPad. Magazines don't have the same appeal because absolutely nothing can beat Pinterest to satisfy a visual appetite. Pinning is my new hobby and it is taking over - I absolutely love it!

Do visit me on Pinterest (the button is at the top right hand side of this blog) and see what I mean about being addicted!


Sue said...

I agree about the iPad. Total addiction for the past 18 months.
But will not succumb to pinterest I don't like it that I have copyright on my blog and have found pictures of mine appearing all over the world by pinners. Some are polite enough to ask for permission but most do not.
Sorry to have gone off on one Mary but just my personal view.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

You are not alone Sue, many people feel as you do.

I think it is impossible to protect copyright on the internet so I don't mind people pinning my images. If they passed them off as their own for commercial purposes, I wouldn't be pleased but I am not sure how or what I could do about it.

It's a certainly a subject that people get steamed up about but I think it depends if are for Pinterest or not.

Pauline said...

Oh, I hear you! Modern technology takes up way too much of my time.

I've avoided pinterest because I already spend too much time doing nothing!

Plus the copyright issue bugs me- not that I have any personal copyright worthy pics on my blog, but I'm concerned for others.

Phyllis said...

I thought I'd have a look at your Pintrest pages/collections and just by the time I spent looking at your wonderful pictures I know I should not start this.... the amount of time you must have spent on it! Great pics though, and imagine my surprise when I found one of my own pics in your Old Quilts section: the unusual church stamp quilt I spotted at a small stall at the Houston Quilt Festival last November of a lady selling part of her impressive antique quilt collection! I will certainly follow your Pintrest (as I already do with your blog), don't forget to take time to quilt :-) ! Phyllis from OhOhQuilts.blogspot

Every Stitch said...

I have only just discovered Pinterest this last week and have already repinned hundreds of photos of antique quilts. It is such a useful tool but for me will not replace a large library of quilting books that I have paid a lot of money I don't feel guilty about the pinning. It is just a great visual aid to organise ideas. I certainly won't pin from a blog if it says not to, and am not publishing or teaching or making money out of the pictures in any way. Have enjoyed your site already thanks!

Anonymous said...

I went away for a few days last week and forgot my bag with my iPad and sewing and felt so miserable without both. It took some getting used to using the iPad but now love it. I joined Pinterest and then searched for my own name and was quite shocked at how many things had been taken from my blog but then I got over it and thought they are just pictures. They are not even good ones. I am not selling anything, teaching or trying to make money from my craft. There are ways to stop your photo 's being pinned if you really are anti. Now I am off to see what you have pinned today.

Quiltefia said...

Hi!! I just found your blog!! I love Emma Bridgewater`s pottery too!! I have sort of collected her baby mugs for some year. I use some of them all the time. I live in Oslo, Norway and I can not get them here anymore.....So I buy one from time to time when I`m able to find them. But the dresser you have a picture of!! Wow....Love it!! You make nice quilts too!! Good combination! Quilts and EB!! Anne:-)