The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Big Day for EB!

I am still preparing the next Stoke on Trent post, but in the meantime I have to share with you these pictures of Emma with the Duchess!  Better publicity you could not buy?

No prizes for guessing what the Duchess is asking in the last picture?

It's all in aid of charity of course!  Here is the link to the story if you would like to follow it?

Of course the EB potty people are very eager to get their hands on some of these, but they won't be out until next March. With Christmas coming, followed by the special sale runs, the factory will be working at full capacity now.  So everyone will have to be patient, but it really is the thrill of the chase.  Once they have them it won't be long before they will be selling them on eBay - I have seen it all before.

I love this pattern -

I would choose a six pint jug!  However, I am pretty sure that this won't be going into general production - the big teapots are probably either gifts or raffle prizes?  Indeed, the Duchess might be taking one home with her?


annie said...

wow! just amazing!
I love the pattern on the last one!

Supergoof said...

I'm a fan, and many are in The Netherlands,...

Shirley said...

I'm a Stokie girl and love it. (Exiled in Somerset)

susanhal said...

oh.... i am salivating at the sight of that lovely teapot! i saw the story in the paper this morning but no close ups of the pot. lucky lucky Kate !

CecileD said...

Oh my....I love them !
They are so amazing and lovely decorated ....