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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Staying in a Character Cottage

Many people dream of living in a cottage in a beautiful village or one away-from-it-all with a lovely view.  Not me, because I like my ceilings a bit loftier for everyday living and I am deep down an urban person, (not too far from Marks and Spencer is my criteria), but I do like staying in one for a holiday.  We are extremely lucky here in the UK because we have a enormous selection from which to choose as our vernacular architecture is so varied.

This year I have stayed in three very different cottages.  Firstly I spent a few Spring days in the Cotswolds in a wonderfully equipped stone cottage in Chipping Campden, which sadly I didn't take a photo of.  Then in June came this perfect 'Jane Austen' cottage in the Lake District -

 with a view of Lake Windermere from the parlour window -

 It was just down the lane from 'Hilltop', Beatrice Potter's house in a magical part of the Lakes.

We had perfect weather, sunny and warm and those of you who know the area know how lucky we were, because the Lakes are known for their high rainfall.  After we left they had a deluge!  Of course this was because we had gone up North to see quilts, but that another story!

Then early this month we stayed in this one -

it is the end one in a row of three owned by the National Trust at Killerton in Devon.  Again we had the most wonderful weather and again quilts were involved!  So maybe that's the key to holiday weather?  Quilters are blessed!

Now to the secret of choosing a cottage, when you view them on the net - look at the sofas!  If they have a certain shape which is hard to define but instinctive - that's the one to go for.  It has never failed yet!


Radka said...

Hi Mary! Would you mind sharing the info about the Lakes cottage? We plan to go there next summer, so I have started to look at the internet, but as you know, if you haven't been somewhere before, any help is welcome:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, yes please share some more info about the Lakes cottage! Lovely photographs.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

It's called Wilfin Beck Cottages at Cunsey, on the opposite site of the lake from Bowness. It can be booked through Cottages4you Ref.LZA. We enjoyed it there but it's quite remote - we never worked out where people in the area buy their food!

Bertie said...

Gorgeous cottages, love the Lake District one. I agree about the hight, ours is not so high and on our next house find definitely larger rooms :))

Radka said...

Thanks Mary:))

Andrea said...

Theses cottages are so beautiful. I want to spend a holiday there so much! Maybe one day in the future...Thank you for posting the pictures, Mary!

Anonymous said...

My rule of thumb is to always book a cottage for double the number of people really going. Makes for much better travelling.

I'm holding my breath that I'll find such a wonderful cottage (with a WC on the main floor) for my next trip.


Claire said...

I stayed here about 8 years ago during the summer & its is a stunning place! Had a few little 'haunted happening' but other than that was beautiful. Would love to go back one day! Did you notice the names carved into the glass in the front, left bedroom?