The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A little exhibition

I forgot to mention that there is a display of my little quilts at the Jen Jones Quilt Centre in Lampeter.  The main gallery has Jen's wonderful exhibition of old quilts entitled "OH THAT SUMMER WOULD LAST FOREVER"  but in the little gallery you will find mine.

This is another picture which was taken when I taught there in April which will give you a flavour.

I also had quite a surprise when I found it on this blog -


Jan said...

Oh, I would love to have been there! These quilts are so charming. Come to the US!

Radka said...

Your quilts look so lovely, Mary :-)
How long for are they gong to be there? I hope to visit in the autumn.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Hi Radka, The quilts are there until the end of August.