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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Friday, 29 July 2011

LITTLE WELSH QUILTS - almost there!

I am so excited, my ebook is in production and will be ready for the Festival of Quilts on the 11 - 14th August.  As I write this, review copies are being send out to all the magazines.

Ebook is not a misprint, because it is not printed but on a disk.  This includes demonstration videos showing some of my ways of working - for example, my organic method of marking. You can also zoom in closely to study how I place my quilting patterns - rather scary for an author as warts and all are shown by the zoom!

I know some of you prefer printed books, but this is a way of bringing to the quilting world (and other worlds) subjects that large commercial publishers would not commission.  They consider Welsh quilting a niche market and though we managed to get MAKING WELSH QUILTS published, they wouldn't be interested in another and frankly, I wouldn't want the experience of doing it their way again!

Fortunately Vivienne Wells, my friend and editor of my previous books, set up Rainbow Disks and I along with many well known textile authors she discovered, now work with her.  We prefer it, we know and trust her and she treats us with respect.  We actually have a great say it all matters of production and a fair return for our work, which believe me, is not the case with a large publisher! 

Please will you help to spread the word?  A small company does not have the publicity resources of a large publisher, so if you know of any Groups, Guilds and Quilt Shops, anywhere in the world, who would stock copies, please let Vivienne know on her website (link below).  You can order your copy there too -
Order at Rainbow Disks -


Bertie said...

Congratulations Mary, look forward to your new e-cd:))
I like the idea of zooming in to see it up close.

Jan said...

Good for you! How exciting! I'll be ordering one myself.

Maureen said...

Congratulations! Look forward to receiving mine. Your quilts are simply beautiful!

Lynn S said...

Just pre-ordered mine! Exciting!!!

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Thank you for those lovely comments Mary - it's a pleasure working with you as ever. Vivienne x

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just dropped by from Quilting Bloggers to enjoy your marvelous blog. Congratulations on the eBook. As I research women's history (in North Africa), I find your historical comments fascinating and thanks for showing the James Williams coverlet--beyond words! Someplace way back, I have Welsh ancestors, so I find the Welsh side of your blog interesting too.
best, nadia

Radka said...

I am just going to pre-order mine! I can't wait:) Strangely enough, I have just written a post about someone who had to start her own publishing company to get her books out there!