The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Quilt for Thanksgiving

Last year and I really can't believe it's a year, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I posted a picture of a wonderful American quilt.  So this year I'm going to do it again -

It's part of the collection in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, donated by Elizabeth Day McCormick, who I've written about before.  Everything that she donated is of the highest quality, so it is no surprise that this wonderful quilt is one of hers!

They obviously don't know much about it as it is described on the museum website only as American, early 19th century, but what a quilt!  I think it showcases everything wonderful about American Medallions, which are much more thought through than the majority of British ones. A superb piece of work - a very special quilt for a special day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends across the pond!


annie said...

that's a beautiful quilt,
Happy Thanksgiving from America!

Robin said...

What an amazing quilt. I love the close-up of the border fabric. Wish I could find some of that. This quilter was really a fine seamstress.

regan said...

Thank you, Mary, for posting this lovely quilt! It's a stunner! I think I will check out the museum's site and see when that quilt might be on display.....I'm only 2.5 hours away! Thanks!

Nyla said...

That quilt is a beauty! I'm going to look at it on the museum site. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!

susanhal said...

hi mary, hope all is well with you. i've just been looking at your wonderful pinterest pages, it's all absolutely stunning and surely one of the best collections. is that because all your pins chime in with my own interests ? maybe, but i really think it's just that you have such a good eye !
i like the overall picture of the thanksgiving quilt shown here but am not keen on the fabrics or the colours shown in close up. i don't really know why they look more garish close up but so pretty and subtle from a way's a beautiful design.
i do love the colour and fabric and everything else about your cottage orne quilt, you give the old ones a run for their money !
regards susan