The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

A temporary blip?

So sorry I have been absent for a few weeks.  I haven't been feeling at all creative, though I am trying to finish a few projects!

I think that's the trouble frankly.  The excitement for me is when I am designing, planning and sorting through fabrics.  At the moment I'm feel guilty about all the unfinished things that are piling up and every time a spark of an idea comes to me I feel I must stifle it. I know that if someone was telling me this about themselves I would tell them not to be so silly.  I would say that unfinished projects are not a sin and in the event of them not being finished by you, someone else may finish them for you!  However, I'm not in the mood for taking this on board and am feeling rather down!

It's not helped by warm weather!  I know we are all supposed to like hot, sunny weather, but I'm a true North European and I don't.  In fact my spirits tend to plummet when the temperature rises!

On a more cheerful note, I'm still deeply into EB and have had some lovely visits with EB friends and have acquired one or two new treasures!

Though I do buy new pieces from Stoke, I tend to buy older pieces on eBay.  The large cup and saucer on the right of the picture is a rare piece and was spotted on eBay by an eagle eyed friend, who bought it on my behalf. 

I visited with this same friend last week and here is her lovely lunch table filled with assorted EB - she apologises for the trailer in the picture but if we had cropped that we would have lost the beautiful view - she lives in the midst of wonderful Welsh countryside.

Sunny days are delightful on times and this was such a day!


Sue said...

Mary I know exactly how you are feeling. I too have ufo's and because of these I seem to be reluctant to start something new. I too look at fabrics have bright ideas and then they get put away.
I think we shouldn't worry about it and our mojo will come back at some point.
Your EB is just lovely and table setting in the welsh countryside is perfect.

susanhal said...

i dislike the sun too, never been a sitter-out in it and it does make life hard work. never mind we will soon be seeing those crisp sunny autumn days again. if you're in poor spirits you need to be really kind to yourself, certainly no punishment of the " i must finish this off" kind of need some treats and nice meals out and new fabric and a fresh project to ponder on. i always find new shoes buck me up ! wrap up all those old projects and put them tidily away for when you're feeling tougher . and if you never do get back to them well that's what charity shops are for !
love susan x

Susie Q said...

So pick three ufo's and finish them and of course show them to us! You will feel better finishing up a few and then you can easily start something new.

susanhal said...

hi Mary, just checking in to see how you are.
still on the blip i see ! hope that means you will have had a lovely rest and come back to us firing on all cylinders .
i can see you've been beavering away on pinterest and have found us even more to drool over. i have a special liking for the edwardian houses as i live in one myself ! not as tidy and beautifully kept as the ones you found though ...
hope you'll be back soon, you have been missed