The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Liberty/Persephone Pomegranate Pots

My favourite store Liberty of London has again teamed up with my favourite pottery person, Emma Bridgewater and yesterday launched a new range of pots which will be on sale for six months.   EB does commissioned ranges for other retailers and of course they are eagerly bought up by us potty people!

It is a version of the one they did for Persephone Books a few years ago which is a proven favourite -

here's my two precious jugs -

There has been rumours that this pattern was going to be produced in more shapes and we have been teased by seeing pieces being used in EB advertising displays -

and in this picture of Emma with a cup, which I particularly lust after -

Well it doesn't look as if it is going to happen and thinking about it, it isn't the way EB operates.  They always keep the copyright of a pattern but rarely reproduce it exactly, especially if it is commissioned.  We collectors have also come to the conclusion that they like to tease us and of course we fall for it every time!  We are hooked and they know it!

So there was great excitement yesterday for those of us who had ordered online, because of course most of us weren't able to get up to London for the launch!  We shared our experiences on Facebook - yes I know, we are all completely potty!

Mine arrived yesterday morning!  Well actually the cake plate isn't mine, I ordered it for my friend whose internet connection was down!  I just bought the teapot!

It was so sunny when I took this picture, but isn't it weirdly wonderful? 


susanhal said...

hi mary ! love your new teapot. i have only one pomegranate piece, a large persephone jug bought for me as a mothers day gift by my daughter and i actually use it quite a lot. i do like this new colour way too.
that quilt in your last post is a treat too and i am tempted to have a go at making my own version. it is difficult know what size the blocks are etc but it could be fun to work something out. i love the fabrics and the warm rich colours, i have only the smallest knowledge gleaned from books mainly, about old quilts and have never actually examined one close up and personal ! in museums one is always peering through the gloom to get a good look, which is as it should be i suppose but a bit frustrating. it does look american in design and i am sure your speculations will be correct.
so nice to have you back again!! hope you are well
susan x

Unknown said...

Do carry on writing, you have a wonderful blog. I once went almost all the way through your archives and may well do so again.
I've been trying to find out more about Thomasina Beck and clicked on (your post of 28 November 2010) but got the message that it cannot be found. I just wondered if you knew any more about the web site or Thomasina herself (is she still alive?).
I blog on embroidery and parish life - Sorry I don't seem to be able to expand this box

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Hi Mary, Thank you for your kind remarks, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Regarding Thomasina Beck, yes, as far as I am aware she is still alive! She is a friend of my publisher, who was Rainbow Disks but has been renamed
I believe that Thomasina is now a full time carer and hasn't been writing for a while.

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

It does look wonderful in that light with the dogs! V x

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