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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Star Turn - New York!

Well I'm back - what a trip!  I can never get used to the speed of air travel, one day in the buzz of New York and the next in the calm of my garden which is now in early Spring mode.  The progress made on my new garden room has been considerable too - it obviously pays to stay away!.

When I left UK last week the trees were still leafless, now they are a haze of green or in full bloom - so wonderful, especially as it was very cold in New York and snowing when we arrived.  I'm not complaining because after the snow it was cold and sunny which is so much better than being too warm.

I will be showing you some red and white quilt pictures in future posts, but I thought I would share this quilt with you -

 it seems to sum up my experiences and feelings of the last week as it is just bursting with exuberance and colour.

It is a Mennonite quilt - Star with Princess Feathers from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and can be found on the Woodward & Greenstein website where there are some wonderful things to see.  It was on my list of places to visit but I never made it! 


Kathryn said...

I was on the lookout for you and your flag bag when I was at the show on Friday. No luck. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Wasn't it terrific? Kathie L in Allentown

Sue said...

Hi Mary, Sorry that we didn't meet up- wasn't it just the most spectacular exhibition and so worth the trip as not sure we will ever see something like it again.

I have just arrived home too and can't believe how the garden has changed since I left last Thursday.

regan said...

I, too, looked for you and your bag....but no luck! I'm still reeling from the was truly amazing.

Did you happen to go to the two quilt exhibits at the Folk Art Museum and their annex in Lincoln Square? They had wonderful quilts at both locations....I'll be posting some of those pics on my blog shortly, but am posting the R&W ones first.

I'm just feeling so lucky to have seen all of these amazing quilts.....and I'm so inspired to get busy on my machine!

We arrived back in Maine yesterday to still snow covered ground.....less, but still covered! I was hoping for some magic....oh well!

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

I am so sorry I missed seeing all of you as I was there on Friday when it wasn't too crowded.

Yes Regan I did go to the Folk Art Museum and enjoyed seeing the exhibition. I was, however, rather disappointed with the brutal architecture of the musuem which I didn't feel was in keeping with folk art. Though the food there was good and the shop too!

antique quilter said...

yes I kept looking for your bag too! I am sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you in person.
I am still in awe over what I saw on my visits into NYC to see the Red and White exhibit.
It was just a once in a lifetime experience.

regan said...

You're right, Mary....the architecture of the Folk Art Museum was 'brutal'....ultra-modern, harsh edges, and way too many angles! I'm terribly afraid of heights, and they had so many loft openings with tiny little railings that I spent most of my visit holding on to walls to stop from reeling.

The quilts were wonderful, and I suspect they would benefit from a more 'homey' atmosphere.

So glad to hear that Mrs. Rose was at one of the lectures. I would have loved to have heard her. Did she recount any stories of acquiring any of the quilts?