The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Beautiful September

Aren't we having the most glorious weather?  Honestly,
as far as I am concerned it's perfect - about 24 degrees of golden sunshine with an occasional shower!  On the downside, the gardens are looking rather tattered and the slugs have been having a wonderful time chomping at my hostas!

It is so good I have been inspired to take some pictures of my latest EB pots in the garden and of course the cats had to get in the picture too!

Though I do buy new EB and the Autumn catalogue is just out to tempt me, I really do love the old patterns with their more subtler sponging!  The bowl below was bought on eBay for a very reasonable price and arrived yesterday.  The pattern is "Vegetable Border" and is early EB made around 1988.  I couldn't believe how big it was - it's enormous and I don't know where to put it at the moment!  However I do love these big pieces and couldn't resist trying a "Country Living" style shot and filling in with garden produce, courtesy of my neighbours and Sunflowers, courtesy of Tesco!

Here's another piece, taken indoor this time -

This pattern is called "Striped Tulip" and was made a year earlier in 1987.  The sponging is quite blotchy which collectors of old pieces like, but would be frowned upon today and probably would be sold as seconds!  This is a shallower bowl and much easier to display than the first!

Well as I said, there is no show without Punch and here they are getting in on the act -

You can see what I mean about the garden looking a bit tattered, my grass is looking particularly patchy, so maybe some grass seed as soon as it starts to rain?


susanhal said...

Yes it really is lovely ! I think these are my favourite days of summer, the rag ends as it were, not quite autumn yet and with a certain lushness with all the purple flowers in the "tattered" garden.Yours on the photographs looks pretty good to me, mine however, close up does look in need of a good wash and brush up !
I like your new EB, bit jealous, never thought of ebay, will fight you for them now ! I have 2 new french bowls on the way but I paid full price....ouch. I think a visit for some factory seconds is overdue.
I think I have decided on my plan for a medallion quilt, my first ever.Exciting! But it is all in my head yet nothing on paper. I am however pulling out lumps of fabric, turning the place upside down and a book recommended by you, Quilt Treasures, came this morning so that will need a good and thorough read before I take the plunge. Or maybe I should just jump straight in ?
Enjoy these late summer days

Sue said...

Oh Mary hasn't it just been the most wonderful summer. One definitely to remember.
That EB bowl is just lovely and a good find. I'm sure you will find the right spot for it soon.