The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Paisley patterned fabrics

I just love Paisley fabrics and use them a great deal in my quilts.  I am always on the look out and when I see something Paisley, be it a handkerchief, scarf, blouse or cushion, it is in serious danger of being cut up and put in a quilt! The quilts I make always hold memories for me and I usually remember where and when I bought the fabrics and very often how much I paid.  This quilt now reminds me of David Morgans, a local family owned department store, now sadly closed, where I used to buy so much on my twice weekly visits.


I am following tradition as Paisley was used extensively in 19th century Welsh quilts and old or damaged Paisley patterned shawls very often ended up in quilts.  The Paisley motif was also very popular as a quilting pattern and was so widely used it became know as the Welsh Pear.

At the moment there is a wonderful exhibition at the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre featuring Turkey Red and Paisley quilts.  It is running until the end of the year and is well worth the journey to visit it  - here is a taster -

This is part of a quilt - go and see the whole thing - it has been likened to "swimming in a bowl of strawberries".


Jacky and Steph said...

Love your blog - really striking graphics and beautiful miniature quilts - got to you via I Sew Quilts! (Sue)

modom said...

Congratulations Mrs J! How cool is this? Deeply impressed with your blog, looking forward to hearing of your further adventures in your search for 'bits' of Wales.

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

Well done Mary - your blog is visually and mentally stimulating, as of course I expected!

Pippa Moss - Welsh Quilts said...

Mary, I am glad that you have started your own blog. I will enjoy reading it. It was nice to see you at the Festival of Quilts in August. I love these paisley red fabrics and am only sorry that I cannot get across to Jen's exhibition. Pippa

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

I am delighted that you like my blog. I only wish that you lived a little nearer to Wales and we could meet up and talk quilts. But this is the next best thing!