The Cottage Orné Quilt

The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Under the influence of Kaffe!

At the 2007 Festival of Quilts in Birmingham,  Kaffe Fasset launched his new book KAFFE KNITS AGAIN and there was also a display of quilts he had made before he started to design fabrics.

I like his knitting books very much, though I don't knit these days, I just enjoy looking at the pictures and find them inspirational.  I also prefer those early quilts, before he was designing fabric, when he was using what he could find, because that is the way I like to work.  I love how he uses colour so boldly and on the way home from the show, decided that I would make a Welsh quilt but not in colours usually associated with them, but being bold like Kaffe!.

Some quilts are easier to make than others and this was an easy one, it came together quickly and painlessly!

I used the same layout plan and templates as that of Blanket Star (in an earlier post) but used only plain fabrics that I happened to have in my stash.

I have used this same layout plan a couple of times since with varying success.  Actually I am at the final stages of quilting one at the moment and it has been a struggle, not nearly as easy as this one!  Does anyone else have this problem?

Here is a closeup of some of the quilting -


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Gosh, just your header and this post have got me very excited! I hve to trawl your blog now to find out more about those amazing quilts in the header. Your BQF quilt is just fabulous - I love the Kaffe thrown in with the traditional Welsh quilt. Absolutely beautiful. One of the reasons this leapt off the page at me is that I made a similar style quilt 14 years ago and, from a beautiful picture of a Welsh quilt, I made a very ugly quilt (although still treasured in our family as a picnic rug!). It's in this post and it might make you laugh.

I am going to click to follow you and add you to my bloglist. I bought a book on Welsh quilts recently in a local second hand bookshop and I love the use of solids which give them such a modern feel along with the traditional. My husband is Welsh so I kind of have a vested interest! Lynne

Jan said...

Simple, graphic and beautiful - I really like this!