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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Can anyone help me?

I love doing small blocks and one of my favourite books is Sampler Supreme by Catherine H. Anthony.  I have worked quite a few of the complicated little 6 inch blocks and it has been a valuable learning experience giving me confidence to tackle even smaller blocks.

Catherine wrote a follow-up book which I also bought but it has mysteriously disappeared from my quilting library. You know how this happens from time to time and then it pops up again and you begin to wonder if the "the borrowers" have been at work?  I have searched high and low for it and am beginning to wonder if I dreamt it and it doesn't help that I can't remember the title.

When I Google, all that comes up is the original "Sampler Supreme" and "Decorative 6" Quilt Blocks" which seems to be a reprint by Dover of Sampler Supreme, as I have checked through its content page and it is the same.

Can anyone out there help me?  Does anyone remember a follow-up book and better still know where I can obtain a copy?

However Google did inform me that Catherine H. Anthony died last March and the following link gives details -  I can remember being amazed that she listed whitewater canoeing as one of her hobbies.  This has always stuck in my mind as it was totally alien to me in the 80s when I bought the book - still is!


Unknown said...

Mary, I found at least one other books (one on small Amish Quilts) that may be what you are remembering. Go to:

and take a look.

I am happily working on my own version of your Brecon Stat this snowy January.

Mary in Hammondsport, NY

Lynn S said...

I went on ebay and there is a book different than the cover you show, called "Decorative 6" Quilt Blocks" by Catherine H. Anthony--but again, you mentioned this in your note.

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Thank you both - the power of the internet - I went on Alibris UK first and there it was - "Quiltmaker's Book of 6" Block Patterns" published in 1987 with a picture which I recognised. I have now ordered it and it's coming from USA all for £10. Wonderful result! Now of course I will find my original copy!

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Oh I was so excited I forgot to say to Mary how pleased I am that she is making a Brecon Star. What better to do on a snowy day than that! I am off now, on a very wet day here in Wales to do some quilting on my Charles & Di Royal Wedding Quilt - must keep at it!