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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wall of little Welsh quilts?

This image is from a Mary Emmerling book on American Folk Art, which is so often seen online it is obviously an inspiration to those of us who aspire to wall of little doll quilts.  I would love a wall of little Welsh Doll Quilts!

Inspiring as this idea is, there are problems which I am sure you will share?  The first being - do I have a suitable free wall on which to hang them and the second, even more crucial, where and when do I have the time to either make or acquire a collection?   

I have other problems too - do I really want a permanent wall of quilts?  Wouldn't it be more of a seasonal thing and if so what would be the best way of hanging them? 

All I have done so far is spread out what I have on my spare bed, some are finished and others are in various stages -

These are the finished ones -
and these are in various stages, some ready for quilting and others may well not make it!
Like all females I can multi-task, but I do have difficulty when it comes to quilting projects, especially when engaged in such a demanding project as my Cottage Orne Quilt (see other blog).  Now when I look at these unfinished projects I itch to start on them! 

I have seen a few Welsh Cot Quilts, though they are quite rare, but I haven't yet come across any Welsh Doll Quilts.  This doesn't mean that they weren't made, but were most probably either worn out or thrown out.  Remember, we didn't used to rate our large bed quilts, so a doll quilt wouldn't have stood much chance of survival!

The ones I have made are based on the designs of the larger Welsh Quilts and you can find some of them in my new book "Little Welsh Quilts" (see side panel for details).

Those of you who do not have or use an iPad look away now, but it you do there is now an Ap for Adobe Reader so you will now be able to read it on your iPad.  At the moment the video content won't work on the Ap, but there will most probably be an update on this soon, as it has been requested. 

I am also doing a two day workshop on a Welsh Doll Quilt at the Jen Jones Quilt Centre next April, entitled "Little Welsh Treasure".  If you are interested details will be announced soon? 


Sujata Shah said...


You may have just started something here for me! I love the idea of little quilts on one big wall. Looks like you already have many to begin with!

Quilt it and Dotty said...

That picture is soooo beautiful! That was the reason we had a doll quilt club for over 2 years!

Nyla said...

I personally would love to have a permanent wall of doll quilts, I've only got four up so far. Of course the quilts displayed could be changed, but I just love the idea. You have enough to complete a wall already and they look wonderful. I hope you'll show them in a post where they can each be seen! Mine are hanging using the small appliqué pins, they don't damage the wall. Happy Stitching!