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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pretty, flowery quilts!

The Chelsea Flower Show is upon us and as usual I'm in my annual gardening mood.  I'm not a proper gardener, but I love visiting gardens and am interested in garden design which links in well with designing quilts. So this time of the year I like working on something pretty and flowery and putting aside the richer, bolder colours of winter. 

Usually I have an ongoing project as most of my quilts take several summers to complete and I find inspiration from studying old English quilts.  I say English, they may actually have been made anywhere in the British Isles as the same fabrics were available to all, so let's say made in the English style?

I have been searching through my Pinterest boards to show you what inspires me.  The original source of many of the pictures are difficult to credit, but many were from auction catalogues and others from museums.

As you know, I enjoy doing Broderie Perse applique, though I do find it time consuming because I do it using herringbone stitch, one of the traditional ways of attaching the cut pieces.  Of course I could machine it, but I like the process of hand sewing and rarely use my sewing machine.

This week I have returned to a piece I started last year, which I showed you then.  It was to be a teaching aid for my class at the Welsh Quilt Centre, but sadly we had to cancel through lack of students, so obviously it isn't that inspiring as I thought!

In this last picture I am auditioning fabrics which may form the outer borders and corner pieces, but there will be quite a bit of applique on the striped inner border which I have yet to decide upon!

Ah well onwards and upwards!  It's certainly easier to do than working in the garden!


audrey said...

Really gorgeous quilts!!

Every Stitch said...

Your inspiration quilts are wonderful choices! Love your quilt - just can't understand that the class did not fill and am sure it was not for lack of inspiration. Look forward to seeing your next borders.

Chris said...

I follow you on Pinterest too and you sure pin a lot! Every day I see beautiful quilts and All things English. Love it!
If I'd been closer I would have come to your class. Don't let it bother you - it happens.

Sue said...

Really gorgeous quilts Mary and love your quilt. I think the most of the UK is wrapped up in jelly rolls at this point in time.
I'm sure like me your watching Chelsea at the moment . It's this time of year I'm torn by getting out and looking at gardens, working in the garden and sewing.

Patricia said...

I love the quilts and the blue applique hexagones is beautiful!
Patricia, hand quilter (I don't use often my sewing machine)

susanhal said...

Mm mmm, what yummy quilts ! the fifth one down is my favourite, the clouds look so modern and fresh and it has such pretty central panel. I wonder if all the little squares came from a woman who made all the summer dresses for her and her daughters ? how pretty they all are.
I do like the Wellington Vittoria panel too, it would be fun to buy such a one now, if not to celebrate victory over Napoleon, maybe things like the Olympic games coming here or the birth of a prince. Our children's children would be just as fascinated as we are with these.
Your appliqué looks so difficult to do ! I can't imagine how you get it all so neatly placed and I wish I could have a lesson in how to. There is nothing like seeing someone who knows what they are doing to make the penny drop for me.
Thanks for the flowery treat !

susanhal said...

ha ha ! for clouds read colours. this new spellcheck thing that alters words without actually asking if you want them changing catches me out over and over again.
ho hum, I am a technical baby !

A Little White Hen said...

I would have LOVED to go to your class! It is a beautiful quilt!