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The Cottage Orné Quilt
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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal Wedding update

I know many of you reading this are interested in the Royal Wedding because I still have lots of page views on the posts I have written. I said a while back that there wasn't a great deal of enthusiasm to celebrate among my friends and neighbours, but with only three days to go, things are warming up and there is definitely more interest.

Some of my friends are on holiday abroad, some specifically to avoid it, though I don't think that will be easy given the media coverage.  There is to be a street party where I live and I may look in on it, but I am joining my friend Dorothy, with whom I viewed Charles and Di's wedding and we are going to watch the whole thing on TV.  Her husband has been warned not to spoil our enjoyment with any jocular remarks - why do men do this?

The Middleton family now has a Coat of Arms -

and if you would like know more, here is a link that will tell you all about it -

Rumours of who is the designer of the wedding address abound, but it is still a secret. Daniella Helayel, Sarah Burton, Sophie Cranston and Bruce Oldfield have all been named but I think we shall have to wait until the press release just before the wedding.

I am going to predict that the dress will be simple, slim fitting and elegant with a V neckline, embroidered with pearls and crystals with a long train and veil. The bride will be wearing a tiara, probably one that the Queen gave to Diana, as they do recycle their jewels. Maybe this one -

which the Queen gave Diana as a wedding present, which she didn't actually wear at the wedding as she wore the Specer tiara, but maybe Kate will in her memory.

All this is fairly obvious if you study Kate's style and I am pretty certain it won't be strapless or a puffball.  This will be a very good thing as it is sure to set a new trend and it will nice to see real elegance again.  It's time strapless was abandoned, especially in our climate!

I am sad to report that the Royal Wedding Quilt has not been finished, in fact I haven't done any needlework since I returned from New York.  Probably down to building works and travelling around enjoying myself, but I'm a bit worried as I can't remember such a fallow time stitching wise.   


Nicky said...

Maybe you could stitch while watching the Wedding! Or just keep it going till the next royal wedding occurs.....

Building works are unsettling - all the noise and disruption does not assist the creative flow!

Vivienne at Vivebooks said...

No stitching since New York? Sacre bleu! Must have been working on a book . . . Nice tiara pic - I've posted a link on Facebook. V x

fabriquefantastique said...

Not to can't stitch all the time.
I think that is quite an elegant coat of arms. I will not be getting up at the crack of dawn (I'm in Canada) to watch the wedding, but expect I shall watch some re runs.

Shirley said...

I haven't heard any rumours here in Taunton that local designer Sassi Holford is making the dress. She made the dress for Princess Anne's Daughter in Law. It is all very exciting. My husband was involved with the lighting of the beacons throughout the Country when Charles and Diana got married. Our Beacon was at Mow Cop on the Staffs/ Cheshire border. I shall be watching with interest.